"When a cat flatters ... he is not insincere: you may safely take it for real kindness."

-Walter Savage Landor, English author



Cats Unlimited accepts no responsibility for the cats posted on the lost & found page. All communication needs to be between the parties who have lost or found a cat.

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Updated 8/30/2017




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Female, age: 4weeks           Posted: 5/25/2017

Found: 5/20/2017. Where: Found in our garage, abandoned

Orange tabby, curious, active, good appetite. Has a slit on top of left ear. Eats soft kitten food and kittens replacement milk.

540-817-3353 call or txt


Female, age: 4 weeks           Posted: 5/25/2017

Found: 5/20/2017. Where: Found in my garage, abandoned. I waited 3 days before taking into my home.

Solid black with tabby lines in fur. Calm, quiet, and curious. Eats soft kitten food and kitted replacement milk. Uses litter box I put down in larger holding box.

540-817-3353 call or txt