cats unlimited




We are an all volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to the  rescue and non-lethal, control of stray and abandoned cats in Rockbridge County. One by one we can, and are, making a difference.

Together we can provide our community with a non-lethal approach to resolving the overpopulation problem with cats and kittens that plague our  local shelter and residents.  We can educate the public about the importance of spaying and neutering and how this will reduce the number of cats and kittens that will die in our local shelter every year.  We can also make sure that every cat and kitten that we come in contact with is spayed or neutered so that as a group we never add to the overpopulation problem.  We intend to continue this work until every cat and kitten we can help is found a home and cared for.  

Help us accomplish this goal by doing your part in educating people about the importance of spaying/neutering and taking proper care of their pets.


Cats Unlimited has been instrumental in the spaying and neutering of 445 cats so far in 2014. The grand total since 2005 is 2071 cats.

Cats Unlimited has found homes for 431 cats and kittens since the middle of 2004, that is when we started keeping records of adoptions.



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We are located in Rockbridge County 
- near Lexington, Virginia